Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Episode 12 - Framing the Casting Deck

Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Episode 12 - Framing the Casting Deck

Once there was a crappy old jon boat for sale... and in a moment of clarity, AJ ran out to purchase said boat. The following videos show how he went through many steps (some correct, some not) to get the 'ol girl up and floating again.

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EPISODE 12: Now that the front brackets are in place, we're able to place some of the 2x4s that will make up the main portion of the frame for the casting deck. This video also shows a CRUCIAL MISTAKE we made initially by trying to make our frame flush with the front aluminum section - along with the fix.

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This is a start to finish video series on the modifications that took place when AJ took a $200 piece of crap and turned it into a functional, comfortable, working boat. This project took place over an entire year, and the phases will be broken down in the playlist listed above. Please subscribe and feel free to ask questions!

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