Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Episode 9 - Painting the Floor & Interior

Jon Boat to Bass Boat: Episode 9 - Painting the Floor & Interior

We used a rubber type-material to coat the inside of the boat which did 2 things. It added an additional layer of material and made me feel better about floating the beast (that's called a "placebo"...), and it made the bottom of the boat look a whole lot nicer!

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EPISODE 9: It's the morning after crap-a-palooza, and AJ takes a brief walk around the boat to explain some of the do's and don't when using Blue Magic Rubber to coat the interior of the Jon Boat. After this we can get into the more enjoyable projects, namely the casting deck... this is part 2 of the interior coating videos (check the playlist link above for all other videos in this series).

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This is a start to finish video series on the modifications that took place when AJ took a $200 piece of crap and turned it into a functional, comfortable, working boat. This project took place over an entire year, and the phases will be broken down in the playlist listed above. Please subscribe and feel free to ask questions!

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